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AndSign has it all !

Ten digital-media professionals, who work with © digital signage© software as a regular part of their jobs, have ranked some features based on its importance and against how advanced or common it is. This reflects their experience with different digital signage solutions. The below chart indicates that AndSign has the ©high and low importance features© […]

6 key success pillars for digital signage projects

It is important to implement latest technology players, high-end commercial screens and use advanced content management software. But content remains the KING. You have to spend time and money to create adapted content for digital signage. Set your ad objectives and create engaging content.     Content Designer should learn that aspect ratio is vital […]

AndSign Is a Turnkey Solution

AndSign is a turnkey digital signage solution. Andsign provides the most important aspects in digital signage technology: 1. Fully featured and simple content management software 2. Powerful and durable player 3. Reliable and cost effective solution One of the most dominating trends in technology now is simplicity. Our user interface is designed in such a […]

Digital Signage Is an Ecosystem

System integrator often suffer from the variables they need to deal with while implementing a digital signage solution: The selection of player, the selection of the software, the hardware compatibility, the back-end servers, the media storage, the backup and finally the connectivity. AndSign is a digital signage turnkey solution that works perfectly as one harmonious […]

Digital Signage is about running @Optimum cost

Digital Signage projects are about installing screens in various remote locations and branches. The minimum need of human interaction for preventive or corrective maintenance is key success factor. Talking about maintenance and continuity of service, Hardware comes first. The manufacturing grade, testing and quality assurance of the player in various operational conditions guarantees the stability […]