Digital Signage is about running @Optimum cost

Digital Signage projects are about installing screens in various remote locations and branches. The minimum need of human interaction for preventive or corrective maintenance is key success factor. Talking about maintenance and continuity of service, Hardware comes first. The manufacturing grade, testing and quality assurance of the player in various operational conditions guarantees the stability of the broadcasting through the digital signage ecosystem. AndSign players are designed and manufactured specifically for digital signage operations.
Lots of Android-Based digital Signage software use Android TV Boxes or Android Sticks for the player; these devices are not designed for continuous media broadcasting and do not provide any preventing maintenance functions on firmware.

AndSign Players come with 2-year warranty, expressing the hardware state-of-art design. Powered by ARM� Cortex � Quad-Core, powerful image processing and computing performance.

Hardware implemented Controls such as power on/off, timers and hardware health indicators guarantee the unmanned operation of Digital Signage infrastructure. AndSign players are designed to provide such functions on hardware.
The Software Abilities to provide maintenance related information, alerts and automatic notifications is an essential tool for successful operation. AndSign software has been designed using significant hardware engineering in order to report every single incident on device, automatic maintenance procedures have been implemented to prevent interruption of service.

Back-end Servers, Storage and Synchronization methodologies guarantee the correct broadcasting results regardless the quality of broadband connection.
Finally, it is as important that the cloud management system guides the user to correct content management, allow preview and automatic adaptation of Media. Andsign is a complete RELIABLE, COST EFFECTIVE digital signage ecosystem: hardware, software and infrastructure.